Nebraska Energy Code Compliance Collaborative: A Case Study On An Emerging Best Practice

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by Paul Karrer In the wake of the Great Recession in 2009, Congress passed the Recovery Act to stimulate the national economy. Within that legislation, a pot of $3.1 billion in expanded State Energy Program (SEP) funding was linked to commitments from states to update their building energy codes and to develop plans to achieve greater rates of compliance by 2017. By January 2014, BCAP projects that about two of every three U.S. states will have implemented building energy codes that meet o...
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Compliance Collaboratives Convene To Share Lessons Learned

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On August 22, BCAP hosted an information sharing webinar on an emerging best practice in building energy codes: state Energy Code Compliance Collaboratives. A compliance collaborative is a forum for experts from diverse stakeholder groups impacted by energy codes to come together to work toward common interests and goals. The collaborative is a long-term, multi-year initiative to assist its state in implementing a plan to achieve full compliance with energy codes. The webinar featured progres...
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Omaha Residents Want Better Energy Codes

And 72% Would Pay More For It A new survey found that Omaha residents overwhelmingly favor improved energy efficiency through updated energy codes for new homes and buildings. The study comes at a key time as Omaha’s City Council is set to vote on requiring greater energy efficiency in new homes, allowing homeowners to keep thousands of dollars in reduced energy bills as early as August. The survey found the vast majority of residents - 72 percent - would be willing to pay more for a home ...
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