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Commercial HVAC systems are critical in the design of commercial buildings. Properly designed HVAC systems not only help in providing optimal temperature and humidity comfort to individuals in the building, but also help bring “fresh air” from from outside environments increasing building comfort and health.
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Air Sealing

Sealing the building envelope is as equally important in a commercial building as in a residential one. Due to the sheer size of many commercial buildings improperly sealed buildings can result in huge amounts of energy waste.
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Many options exist when looking to purchase or install windows, doors, and skylights in a commercial building. An increased number of windows and skylights results in increased daylight inside the building. This also results in the possibility of decreased energy efficiency if the incorrect window is chosen or installed improperly. It is important that fenestration components be chosen and installed for maximum efficiency in commercial buildings.
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Commercial insulation provides a number of additional benefits to commercial buildings. Insulation in commercial buildings not only increases occupant comfort but also occupant safety. Adding adequate insulation to a building prevents condensation, acting as a vapor barrier, and controls noise between offices, or private commercial spaces. Proper installation of commercial insulation is critical in maintaining an energy efficient and comfortable work space.
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Water heating

Selecting the appropriate way to heat water in a commercial building is a difficult design, cost, and efficiency decision that owners/operators of commercial establishments must make. Water heating depends on a variety of decisions based on the design and occupancy of a building.
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Commercial distribution systems are important for a variety of reasons. Most importantly, they circulate air around a building and ensure the comfort and safety of the buildings occupants. Improperly installed distribution systems can lead to huge amounts of energy waste and a increased loss of productivity for building tenants because they can become a major source of indoor air pollution.
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Commercial ventilation systems are essential to the health and safety of a buildings occupants. If components are poorly manufactured or installed improperly not only is the building uncomfortable, but the risk of poor indoor air quality is raised substantially.
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Lighting is a critical component of energy use today, especially in large office buildings. In a large commercial building high performance lighting not only increases comfort but can be a key component of an energy efficient building. A number of lighting systems have been developed to increase occupant comfort and dramatically reduce energy consumption in our commercial buildings.
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