Guide to Duct Leakage Testing in Your Home

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Maximizing Efficiency: The Essential Guide to Duct Leakage Testing in Your Home Subtle duct leaks could be undermining your home’s energy efficiency and inflating utility bills. Through duct leakage testing, you can pinpoint these leaks and seal them effectively. Our article cuts through the complexity to equip you with practical knowledge on the testing process, offering insights on both DIY methods and when to seek professional help. Key Takeaways Duct leakage testing is crucial for dia...
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What does the next chapter of energy efficiency look like for Austin?

City image at night
by Kamaria Greenfield, BCAP When Texans look to their state capital, they see a diverse and sprawling metropolis of just under a million people, a vibrant cultural and economic hub, and a downtown skyline undergoing rapid transformation. Less visible is the city’s long and continued commitment to the energy efficiency of its built environment. Austin stands as a fine example of how a city can go beyond minimum statewide requirements to give its residents a better, greener future. In additi...
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Less Than 100 Days To Comment On EPA’s Clean Power Plan

In June, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released a historic plan under the Clean Air Act’s Section 111(d) to significantly reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from the nation’s largest source: existing power plants. Because 71 percent of America’s electricity is consumed by residential and commercial buildings, building energy codes – which have proven to be among the most cost effective measures to reduce carbon emissions – should be a prominent part of the menu of options tha...
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