Water Heating


In commercial buildings heating water can account for more than 25% of energy use. Depending on the type of commercial establishment the water heater is being installed in. A laundromat, hotel, or hospital may use large amounts of hot water where a office building may not. In any case, savings from high efficiency hot water heaters can be substantial.

High efficiency water heaters use 10% to 50% less energy than standard models. When combined with complementary products like insulation blankets and timers, advanced systems can save significantly on utility costs. Energy savings from high efficiency water heaters depend on several factors such as heater location, family size, use behavior, heating fuel used, climate zone, and the size and placement of water pipes.


Building owners/operators face many considerations when selecting a new water heater for their home or business. There are several types of high efficiency water heaters each with different advantages and payback periods – including:

  • Efficient storage tank heaters
  • Demand (tankless) heaters
  • Heat pumps
  • Tankless coil and indirect heaters
  • Solar heaters with electric back-up

After making their purchases, owners can achieve further energy savings in fairly simple and inexpensive ways. Options include installing thermal blankets, insulating hot water pipes, and installing a timer that turns the heater off at night when occupants do not use hot water and/or during utilities’ peak demand times during the day.