1. Solar Training Glossary

 2. Solar Training Resources-2018


Tools, Apps, and Software

Net Zero Info from US Department of Energy, Building America Technical guides, sales-flyers, much more

EasySolar is a cloud-based web platform and mobile app for creating PV designs

HOMER Legacy: a modeling software for microgrid design optimization involving different energy resources

Hybrid2: performs detailed long-term performance and economic analysis on a wide variety of hybrid power systems

i-Pals WEB: PV simulation including layouts, estimations, simulating power generation and shadow deterioration

NOAA Solar Calculator: An easy tool to find the latitude/longitude for any place on earth

Polysun Online helps you plan and calculate PV installations in a few steps; free and paid simulation options

PVWatts Calculator estimates the energy production and cost of energy of grid-connected PV energy systems

SolarDesignTool: Creates PV system designs and panel layout diagrams including data from electrical specifications

Solargis pvPlanner – a simulation tool for planning/optimizing PV systems using climate and geographic data

Solarmodel is an internet platform for designing solar PV installation and for evaluating investment

Renewable Energy Ready Home Solar Site Assessment Tool, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

SolarResilient: a sizing tool for solar PV and battery storage systems (funded by U.S. DOE SunShot)

System Advisor Model (SAM): a free performance and financial software for professionals

Skelion a SketchUp plugin that allows for solar thermal or solar PV installation design starting from a 3d model

Solaripedia: Tools for solar architecture and green building. Free and fee-based tools to design and build sustainably

Reports / Books / Papers

2015 International Solar Energy Provisions (ISEP): ICC’s solar code book, including the 2015 I-Code Solar Energy Provisions, and Solar Rating & Certification Corp (SRCC) standards

Here Comes the Sun, A State Policy Handbook for Distributed Solar Energy (8/2017), by the National Association of State Energy Officials and National Conference of State Legislatures for legislators, legislative staff, officials, others

The Design Professional’s Guide to Zero Net Energy Buildings by Charles Eley

Inside the BIPV Market by Amy Florence Fischbach, answers the question “Is this technology ready for prime time?”

Profiting from the Sun: How building developers can unlock the country’s largest potential for renewable energy; a summary of economic value and financing for commercial PV, especially Building Integrated PV (BIPV)

Solar Ready Buildings Planning Guide, National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL): identifies the important aspects of building design and construction to enable installation of solar after the building is constructed

The Economic Impacts of the Reginal Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) on Nine Northeastern and Mid-Atlantic States

Why have greenhouse emissions in RGGI states declined? An econometric attribution to economic, energy market, and policy factors

Analysis of the Public Health Impacts of the RGGI

Information / Educational Resources

Building Integrated Photovoltaics, A New Design Opportunity for Architects – a primer on BIPV

Code Compliance Brief: Installation of Photovoltaic Systems | PNNL: info to help ensure that residential PV systems can be verified as compliant with safety codes and standards

Eight factors to consider when designing solar-ready roofs | AIA – for designers

George Washington University Solar Institute: pragmatic policy solutions to catalyze the adoption of solar energy

How Does Solar Photovoltaic Energy Work? | National Council for Solar Growth – basic info on benefits of PV solar

PACENation Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) finances 100% of a project’s costs; available in some states for solar installers, students, homeowners, and others; advice from one solar designer

Philadelphia Solar Installation Guidebook for developers; procedures for planning, permitting, metering, & more

Reneweconomy – Australian-based website focusing on clean energy news and analysis worldwide; podcasts, more

Solar Information for Consumers: A Guide for States – for use by municipalities, counties, and municipal utilities

Solar Instructor Training Network (SITN) – for finding solar jobs and training

Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) – information and fact sheets

Solar Photovoltaic Technology Basics | EERE – from the US Department of Energy

Solar Photovoltaic Technology Basics | NREL- basic info from the National Renewable Energy Lab

State Renewable Portfolio Standards and Goals, by National Conference of State Legislatures

Solar Training Courses

Ambassador Energy Solar Training – offers solar training for people at all skill levels

Architecture/art Arch 20 – a collective effort to which students/academics contribute; free training available

Association of Energy Engineers Certified Renewable Energy Professional Preparatory Training Program

greenCE design education offers a free online course including continuing education credits

Heatspring Online Training  a free online course on the basics of solar PV for newcomers to the industry

Interstate Renewable Energy Council (IREC) PV Online Training for Code Officials (free), (including CEUs)

IREC/IAFF Solar PV Safety Training for Fire Fighters

Solar Energy International (SEI)  offers free online courses on the basics of renewable energy

Solar Photovoltaics | Autodesk Sustainability Workshop: design and engineering resources for designers

Best Practices for Permitting Solar PV Systems

APA Planning for Solar Energy  for planners, public officials, and other community stakeholders

Chicago Solar Express: accelerating solar installations by streamlining/standardizing the permitting process

CSE California Solar Permitting Guidebook for local building departments

IREC Model Inspection Checklist for Rooftop PV Systems: for municipalities across the U.S.

Pennsylvania Municipal Guidebook for Solar Zoning and Permitting: ordinances, permitting applications, more

Solar Friendly Best Planning Practices for New Hampshire Communities: for Municipal Officials in NH a free database of info on city and county solar permitting requirements

Renewable Energy Organizations