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System for Energy Certification of Buildings (SCE)

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In 2006, Portugal passed a series of thermal energy regulations in order to comply with the EU Energy Performance of Buildings Directive:

  • System for Energy and Indoor Air Quality Certification of Buildings (SCE, DL 78/2006)
    The main function of the SCE is to require the use of energy certificates for compliance with the other regulations. It applies to both new and existing buildings, and must be provided any time a property is built, sold, or leased. It also sets up educational support programs.
  • Regulations on HVAC Systems in Buildings (RSECE, DL 79/2006)
    The RSECE sets standards for buildings that have HVAC systems, and establishes measures for energy efficiency, including HVAC energy consumption and maintenance, and minimums for indoor air quality.
  • the Regulations on Thermal Behavior of Buildings (RCCTE, DL 80/2006)
    The RCCTE establishes regulations for buildings without major HVAC systems. It requires the limiting of heat loss, excess solar gains, and energy consumption. It also requires the use of solar thermal generation where possible, and is set up to encourage the use of other renewable energy sources.

The first energy efficiency requirements for residential buildings were introduced in 1991; those for non-residential buildings were introduced in 1998.