Outreach and Coordination

BCAP takes a lead in providing outreach and information to local and state representatives, consumers, advocates, and policymakers, among others. We also act as a national-level coordinator and facilitator for various energy code adoption and compliance efforts.

Below are some of BCAP’s many outreach and coordination activities:

  • National Coordination
    Facilitating discussion and collaboration between the most important energy code stakeholders
  • BCAP Newsletter
    Quarterly updates on what BCAP’s doing in the energy codes world
  • Speaking Engagements
    BCAP staff travel the world educating policymakers, building professionals, fellow advocates and others about the benefits of energy codes. If you’re interested in having us speak at your event, please email us.
  • Energy Code Champion
    An unsung hero working behind the scenes to advance energy codes
  • RECA Involvement
    BCAP is an active member of The Responsible Energy Codes Alliance (RECA). The Responsible Energy Codes Alliance has the primary mission of promoting the adoption, implementation, and enforcement of the most recent version of the IECC nationwide.