Our Services

BCAP provides a range of services to federal, state and local governments, foundations, private organizations and other nonprofits.

Adoption Support

BCAP conducts advocacy activities by providing direct assistance to states, counties and cities. Our role as an impartial advocate for energy efficient codes gives us the credibility to coordinate action between disparate stakeholders.

States are required under federal law (EPAct 1994) – and often as a condition of funding (most recently the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009) – to take action on updating their energy codes. Unfortunately, for many states, adopting and updating new codes is easier said than done. Most are unaware of the full environmental and economic benefits of adopting strong energy codes. Buildings use over one-third of our energy, two-thirds of our electricity and one-eighth of our water. In 2010 alone, U.S. households spent about $2,175 on energy bills, while the commercial sector spent an estimated $183 billion on non-renewable energy expenditures.

To educate states on the issues and ensure that each remains eligible for additional federal funds, BCAP maintains state-specific data on current codes, energy use and construction rates. This information, coupled with BCAP’s ability to coordinate interested parties, provides policy makers and advocates with the tools they need to support the adoption of stronger codes that reduce energy use, improve indoor air quality, and put money back into the hands of consumers and businesses.

Compliance Assistance

Amid the excitement over the latest model energy code development and state and local adoptions, it’s easy to forget that energy codes are just pieces of paper without the dedicated efforts of countless code officials, builders, design professionals, and other stakeholders to comply with and enforce them. To do so, state and local jurisdictions must develop intelligent energy code infrastructures that overcome existing barriers to enforcement and compliance, in addition to adopting sound, consistent policies that empower local actors to get the job done right. In short, energy code compliance is what connects good intentions with real-world energy and financial savings.

BCAP is committed to helping states and local jurisdictions reach full compliance with whatever energy codes they have on the books. Our team can assist with strategic planning, coalition-building, educational outreach, technical assistance, training, and other activities as necessary. We’re familiar with the challenges of compliance at the federal, state, and local levels, have extensive experience in home rule states, and have worked in all regions of the country. The Compliance Portal is a one stop shop that consist of programs, tools, and resources that states and municipalities can use to help set and meet compliance goals.

For more information on BCAP’s compliance planning efforts, please visit our Compliance Planning Assistance page.

Technical Expertise

BCAP’s technical staff provide a wide range of services to encourage energy code adoption, improve compliance, and increase understanding of the latest energy code provisions. Some of these services include:

  • Incremental Cost Analysis
    One of the major barriers to energy code adoption is the concern that the cost of upgrading homes to comply with the latest model energy code would be prohibitive. To address this issue for policymakers and the building community, BCAP completed a nationwide incremental cost analysis (as well as on demand studies for states and cities). Each report and accompanying handout provides a clear, conservative estimate of the added upfront construction costs, the monthly energy bill savings, and long-term homeowner profit from the energy code upgrade specific to each state and city studied.

  • Compliance and Enforcement Research
    BCAP helps states and municipalities plan for compliance with newly adopted codes. Assistance often includes on-site research and support, stakeholder input and collaboration, and the publication of gap analysis reports, actionable strategic compliance plans, and training needs assessments.

  • Training Development and Execution
    The BCAP team is also a developer of customized training materials for code officials and construction professionals and delivers training on site. Our training can provide attendees with continuing education units the International Code Council (ICC) and American Institute of Architects (AIA).

  • Code Visualizations
    As experts on the energy codes and their applications, BCAP has the ability to make codes easier to understand for construction professionals and consumers alike. BCAP creates guides, reports, and other materials that illustrate elements of the energy code and why compliance is so important.

  • Building Industry Support
    BCAP staff is available to industry professionals and code officials as a resource for energy code assistance. Our research is made public online and we’re available by email or phone to answer questions. Please contact us for more information.

Outreach and Coordination

BCAP takes a lead in providing outreach and information to local and state representatives, consumers, advocates, and policymakers, among others. We also act as a national-level coordinator and facilitator for various energy code adoption and compliance efforts. Below are some of BCAP’s many outreach and coordination activities:

  • National Coordination
    Facilitating discussion and collaboration between the most important energy code stakeholders

  • BCAP Newsletter
    Quarterly updates on what BCAP’s doing in the energy codes world

  • Speaking Engagements
    BCAP staff travel the world educating policymakers, building professionals, fellow advocates and others about the benefits of energy codes. If you’re interested in having us speak at your event, please email us.

  • Energy Code Champion
    An unsung hero working behind the scenes to advance energy codes

  • RECA Involvement
    BCAP is an active member of The Responsible Energy Codes Alliance (RECA). The Responsible Energy Codes Alliance has the primary mission of promoting the adoption, implementation, and enforcement of the most recent version of the IECC nationwide.

International Work

BCAP shares our knowledge and resources to advance more efficient codes across the globe and address common challenges.

India: BCAP provided early technical review of the voluntary Energy Conservation Building Code (ECBC) and helped with its launch through the development of technical materials and a user guide.

APEC Economies: BCAP analyzed energy codes across APEC economies and assisted member economies in creating plans to strengthen energy codes and critical infrastructure.

Ukraine: BCAP has provided technical review and implementation to strengthen the Ukrainian energy code and related programs by aligning them more closely with the EU Directive on energy codes and EU member practices.

Arid Regions: BCAP staff presented at a green energy and sustainability conference in Amman, Jordan on energy code standards and enforcement challenges.

View all BCAP’s international code status pages.