Current Codes

Energy Efficient Building Code for Jordan
This code, developed in 2008 by the Royal Scientific Society of Jordan, is an update to Jordan’s 1998 energy code. It updates the standards on insulation, and introduces many more standards for energy efficiency appropriate current times.

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In late 2015, stakeholders met to discuss updates to Jordan’s national building code, including thermal insulation.

In 2009, the Jordan Green Building Guide (JGBG) technical committee was established to develop the Green Building Rating System, which was eventually issued in 2013.

Jordan’s first building energy efficiency code was established in 1998 when the Royal Scientific Society of Jordan (RSS) established standards for thermal insulation. This code set prescriptive allowances for U-values of insulation. Beginning in 2008, the Building Research Center (BRC) began working with the RSS and the National Building Council to develop an updated building energy code.