Current Codes

The Legislative Decree (LD) 192/05, later modified by LD 311/06 and LD 63/2013, is Italy’s national building energy code. It sets standards for thermal energy efficiency, as well as establishes the use of energy certificates for compliance. The rules apply to new buildings and major renovations or energy re-qualification of existing ones.
Source: Energy performance of newly erected and existing buildings

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Italy enacted its first law on energy savings in buildings in 1973.

As a member of the European Union, Italy was required to comply with the Electronic Energy Performance of Buildings Directive passed in December 2002 (2002/91/EC). Italy responded directly with the “Regulation to control the thermal energy consumption in buildings and their energy certification” (LD 192/05). This set energy efficiency standards for all new and existing buildings. For new buildings, energy consumption requirements were set, and the use of temperature control systems and solar energy systems became required. Required checks were performed after the building completion. For existing buildings, energy efficiency certificates became required and efficiency standards would have to be met. Italy also set up their own Energy Efficiency Action Plan (EEAP) in 2007 which set the national goal at 9.6% less energy consumed by 2016. This plan takes measures on enforcing energy efficient appliances and systems throughout buildings.