Current Codes

SI 259 of 2011
Part L of the Building Regulations Conservation of Fuel and Energy in Dwellings sets the energy and carbon dioxide emissions requirements for new and existing buildings subject to the Building Regulations. It is based on the UK’s codes and covers a comprehensive list of building elements, as well as establishing a Dwelling Energy Assessment Procedure (DEAP).

Ireland already has a current building energy code, as well as national programs in place to help support it. The next step is to develop an update and change cycle to the Part L of the Technical Guidance Document. This will systematically ensure that the code stays current and incorporates the most recent advancements in building science.

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As a member of the European Union, Ireland was required to comply with the Electronic Energy Performance of Buildings Directive passed in December 2002 (2002/91/EC). Ireland did this by setting up the Dwelling Energy Assessment Procedure (DEAP), as part of the Technical Guidance Document (TGD). This procedure set minimum energy requirements for all new buildings and existing buildings undergoing major renovations. It also required that for new buildings, the feasibility of alternative energy methods must be assessed and considered before construction. The DEAP also requires the use of building energy certificates.

All energy certificates are required to have a Building Energy Rating (BER). BERs are to be administered by certified professionals. The BER is to also contain suggestions for energy and cost efficiency.