Hong Kong Building Codes

Current Codes of Hong Kong

Hong Kong Energy Efficiency Registration Scheme for Building (HKEERSB) (voluntary)
The program consists of five Building Energy Codes (BECs): Lighting Installations, Air Conditioning Installations, Electrical Installations, Lift and Elevator Installations, and a Performance Based Code checklist. Buildings can register as HKEERSB in any or all of the code categories. Compliance can be prescriptive or performance based. Legislation has been introduced to the Legislative Council to make the HKEERSB mandatory for all new buildings, based especially because of the support it received from the public. As of May 2016, 3946 registration certificates were issued to 1719 building venues involving 4062 installations.

Buildings Energy Efficiency Ordinance (Cap 610) (voluntary)
Building Energy Efficiency Ordinance Codes and Technical Guidelines

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The Energy Efficiency Registration Scheme for Building was first launched in October 1998 to promote the application of building energy codes. To further promote energy efficiency in buildings, the government also enacted the Building Energy Efficiency Ordinance in 2010 for full operation by 2012.

Building Energy Efficiency Standards in Hong Kong and Mainland China 2000