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The International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) is a part of the international family of codes (I-codes) published by the International Code Council (ICC). The suite of codes, including the energy code, is updated every three years to incorporate current technologies, costs, and practices. It is available for adoption and use by jurisdictions internationally. It is within a governmental jurisdiction and is intended to be accomplished through adoption by reference in accordance with proceedings establishing the jurisdiction’s laws. At the time of adoption, jurisdictions should insert the appropriate information in provisions requiring specific local information, such as the name of the adopting jurisdiction.

The first edition of the International Energy Conservation Code (1998) was based on the 1995 edition of the model energy code promulgated by the Council of American Building Officials (CABO).

2015 IECC

The 2015 IECC furthers the goals of previous model code iterations by addressing energy efficiency on several fronts, including cost savings, energy use reductions, natural resource conservation, and environmental impact. The 2015 IECC is fully compatible with all of the International Codes (I-Codes) published by the International Code Council (ICC). Purchase the 2015 IECC here.

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As of October 2016, the following states have adopted and implemented the 2015 IECC:
Hawaii | Illinois | Maryland | Massachusetts | Michigan | New Jersey | New York | Vermont | Washington

2012 IECC

2012 IECCThe 2012 IECC, originally published in April 2011, establishes minimum regulations for energy efficient buildings using prescriptive and performance-related provisions. It is founded on broad-based principles that make possible the use of new materials and new energy designs. The 2012 IECC is also fully compatible with all of the International Codes (I-Codes) published by the International Code Council (ICC). Purchase the 2012 IECC here.

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2009 IECC

BCAP 2012 IECC Resources

As of May 6, 2015, the 2009 IECC/ASHRAE 90.1-2007 is established as the minimum standard for new construction of certain HOME and FHA-insured properties (both multifamily and single family) as well as USDA- guaranteed single family homes. The Notice applies to new construction only.
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