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In late 2013, BCAP developed outreach materials for design professional stakeholders that detail energy code compliance and how to engage the architectural community.

Design professionals are increasingly being asked to incorporate energy efficiency concerns into their process. This idea of doing more while consuming less has gained a solid foothold in the minds of clients, policymakers, and other stakeholders.

To reach the full potential of building energy usage reductions – for the sake of mitigating climate change and lowering building operating costs – we need a workforce of architects who understand the complexities of modern energy codes and can devise strategies to address energy concerns during all phases of the design process.

BCAP Resources

NEW: Tackling Energy Codes with Energy Modeling
This paper intends to map the existing landscape of building energy codes and modeling software, highlighting current best practices and identifying steps for removing barriers.

The Importance of Building Energy Codes
The report aims to identify ways to rally architectural community in support of the building energy code by analyzing the challenges and opportunities that the energy code presents to the profession.

Facilitating Code Compliance for Architects
This one pager focuses on implementation of energy code, delving more into major barriers and recommendations.

Why Architects Need to Care About Code Compliance
This code compliance one pager lists different reasons for engaging more design professionals as well as challenges and actions the AIA can take now to overcome some of those challenges.

AIA and the Importance of Energy Codes
Prepared by BCAP for the American Institute of Architects (AIA), the presentation discusses evolution of the energy code, architects’ responsibilities in the code process, challenges and opportunities in the market.

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