Compliance Planning Assistance

In 2010, BCAP launched the Compliance Planning Assistance (CPA) program. The CPA program worked with states to help them take practical steps towards achieving full compliance with the model energy codes. Many states expressed an increased interest in energy codes in response to unprecedented Recovery Act funding. With new opportunities came new challenges, such as meeting 90% compliance by 2017. This program offered states hands-on assistance to assess current state energy code efforts and opportunities and develop action plans including essential information, technical resources, and recommendations for achieving state priorities and federal objectives.

Throughout the process, BCAP spoke with key stakeholders and conducted extensive information gathering. Our in-depth research and analysis of the situation on-the-ground enabled us to deliver targeted recommendations and data that accommodated state-specific circumstances and met reporting requirements. The CPA Program also helped participating states navigate the wide array of federal and regional resources and services available, choosing the best fit for each state.

Program Phases

  • Gap Analysis Report | Gap Analysis Overview
    Documents the state’s existing energy code infrastructure to assess the current gaps, identify best practices, and offer initial recommendations for improvement.
  • Strategic Compliance Plan | Strategic Compliance Plan Overview
    Develops targeted, state-specific plan with practical short-term and long-term action items to move the state forwards towards full energy code compliance.

Compliance Collaboratives: In 2012, many CPA states formed collaboratives as a result of the recommendations from their Strategic Compliance Plans.

Read the Compliance Planning Assistance White Paper here.

CPA Testimonials

“It is immeasurably beneficial to have such a focused and expert third party identify barriers and document the larger picture. It will certainly support our efforts. BCAP made the process easy. Having draft reports to review rather than asking the state to create a narrative allowed for streamlined input. It also helped that the report was clear, concise and well-written….It is always a rewarding experience to work with BCAP.”

West Virginia Department of Commerce, Division of Energy


“This report is valuable/very valuable to us in a number of ways. You were able to synthesize some recommendations into easier to envision steps for us to improve energy code compliance. You validated many ideas and visions that our inner core of energy code folks have discussed, giving these ideas additional credibility to make our case in the future. And perhaps most importantly, you listened and understood the challenges that we face and worked with us to find appropriate solutions for our environment, not cookie-cutter solutions that might work elsewhere.”

New Hampshire Office of Energy and Planning


“The Gap Analysis report was written during the tenure of our former state administration. This document was essential in bringing new state staff of the new administration up to speed.”

New Mexico Regulation and Licensing Department


“The plan is quite valuable as it provides us with BCAP’s expert recommendations resulting from a compilation of years of knowledge from a staff focused on advancing energy codes. For those of us wearing many hats, the evolution to compliance probably would not happen without this type of guidance. I was very impressed with the analysis rendered from the process. It is often difficult to get responses needed. BCAP’s dedication in securing information and compiling the entire picture is to be commended.”

South Carolina Energy Office


“BCAP staff always conducted themselves professionally and were very pleasant to work with! If they didn’t have the answers, they did the research and always provided a timely response… very competent and knowledgeable. Thank you for the support!”

Nevada State Office of Energy