New Online Guides Teach Consumers How Building Codes Make Homes More Energy Efficient

Thanks to the new partnership between BCAP and Consumers Union, user-friendly, interactive online guides and downloadable publications are helping homeowners and buyers save energy and money by teaching them the potential of building energy codes to address and improve home energy performance.

“Everyone should have the right to an energy-efficient home that meets national standards,” said Cosimina Panetti, advocacy director of BCAP. “Energy codes – minimum requirements for efficient design and construction – offer a cost-effective way to reduce energy use and monthly bills, while also lowering carbon emissions. It’s a win-win-win.”

Besides providing user-friendly, interactive online guides and downloadable publications, the collaboration between the BCAP and Consumers Union offers the latest energy code news, rich resources, and various events, such as seminars and trainings to educate consumers and strengthen adoption and enforcement of energy codes.

Video content is also available to watch, download or embed that shows the easy accessibility of the energy codes resources.

Click here to read the full story by Allyson Schmutter of The Alliance to Save Energy.

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