Report On Florida Circuit Rider Program Now Available

Energy code circuit riders are in-field experts that meet with specific individuals to address code compliance and enforcement needs. Circuit riders travel to individual jurisdictions to provide tailored technical assistance and resources to support energy code compliance. The Florida program aimed to develop a snapshot of code enforcement in the field, and identify needs for future targeted technical assistance to strengthen enforcement of Florida’s commercial code.

This report from SEEA is the first in a series documenting the experience and findings from the Circuit Rider’s work in Florida. This document focuses on the Circuit Rider’s initial visits to jurisdictions across the state, which was intended to identify common themes and needs in order to more appropriately future target technical assistance activities. Subsequent reports may focus on the delivery of technical assistance and resources, as well as the outcomes of these efforts. The Circuit Rider’s visits uncovered a number of defined needs, many of them consistent across jurisdictions. The full report is available here.