Alabama Energy Code Ambassadors Program To Expand In 2012

As Alabama looks to adopt its first mandatory statewide energy code in 2012, several stakeholder groups also look forward to expanding the Alabama Energy Codes Ambassadors Program (ECAP). Through an additional grant, PNNL has provided funds for travel expenses for ECAP trainees through April 2012. ECAP was established to train code officials who can provide technical assistance and training to code officials in other local jurisdictions. The program aims to train code officials to act as “peer-to-peer” mentors to assist in spreading greater knowledge of the energy codes and their enforcement. ECAP began as a partnership program between BCAP and the ICC to help better enforcement the model energy codes in order to meet 90% compliance by 2017. It has already been established in multiple states.

Southface Energy Institute has developed a presentation specifically based on the Alabama Residential and Energy Code (AERC) and specifically for code officials. With this presentation, as well as the ECAP training, materials, and resources developed in part by Mike DeWein of BCAP, the prospective Code Ambassadors will be well-equipped to guide their fellow code officials through the adoption and implementation of the new code.