Compliance Assistance

Amid the excitement over the latest model energy code development and state and local adoptions, it’s easy to forget that energy codes are just pieces of paper without the dedicated efforts of countless code officials, builders, design professionals, and other stakeholders to comply with and enforce them. To do so, state and local jurisdictions must develop intelligent energy code infrastructures that overcome existing barriers to enforcement and compliance, in addition to adopting sound, consistent policies that empower local actors to get the job done right. In short, energy code compliance is what connects good intentions with real-world energy and financial savings.

BCAP is committed to helping states and local jurisdictions reach full compliance with whatever energy codes they have on the books. Our team can assist with strategic planning, coalition-building, educational outreach, technical assistance, training, and other activities as necessary. We’re familiar with the challenges of compliance at the federal, state, and local levels, have extensive experience in home rule states, and have worked in all regions of the country. The Compliance Portal is a “one stop shop” that consist of programs, tools, and resources that states and municipalities can use to help set and meet compliance goals.

For more information on BCAP’s compliance planning efforts, please visit our CPA page.