Building Design

Designing for efficiency

Making the right building design choices can be challenging for designers and builders. Choosing one building material over another – whether building framing, installation, or windows – can be difficult, and one minor detail can create a dramatic change in energy efficiency. When faced with technical design decisions, it is important that building professionals are on the same page to ensure buildings are energy efficient and also satisfy structural and cost requirements.

What resources are available to designers and builders?

Fortunately, professionals have many time-tested resources available at their fingertips to make their vision of a well-built, energy efficient home a reality. Every design situation is different, and it is important to analyze the technical aspects of a building site before the building is constructed. Some of the many concepts a builder must analyze include: site location, context, and solar orientation. Once you have separated your project from the rest, finding the right resources will be much easier.

Staying focused on designing efficiently

Following the best practices and technical guidelines that apply to your project is vital to success. Whether it’s using the right insulation type for your walls, or properly installing and sealing windows, make sure to follow all prescriptive requirements and guidelines provided. Energy efficiency starts with all technical team members being on the right page and following the proper guidelines. Diligently following them in the beginning will pay dividends during construction and after the project’s completion.


Building Design Resources

Resources for Design Professionals

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