Solar PV Subject Matter Experts Wanted for National Training Project

The Building Codes Assistance Project (BCAP) and the Center for Sustainable Energy (CSE) are seeking Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to help develop, review and perfect solar photo-voltaic (PV) training materials and messaging for design professionals. Incorporating solar energy into the design of buildings and homes not only saves future owners from the expense of adding solar later, but will reduce the operational costs of the building.

BCAP and CSE have been selected by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) to provide solar training to architects and engineers in 22 key metropolitan areas across the U.S. This project will utilize a train-the-trainer approach to deliver education and resource access to designers, to ultimately reduce the indirect costs of solar transactions.

Trainers will be taught to deliver basic technical and policy information on PV, community benefits of enhanced PV, the state of the market, and the roles of various market players in advancing PV deployment. Design professionals will learn how to incorporate solar into their building designs, and gain access to ready-made resources that will help reduce the costs of solar installation. They will also learn how to use site orientation to maximize solar potential, how solar contributes to net-zero energy design, code and fire safety considerations for building-mounted PV, financing options to assist clients in making the decision to use solar, where to access resources and much more.

BCAP is seeking architects and engineers to serve as SMEs to help review and perfect training materials and messaging for use in educating designers. Preferred qualifications include:

  • Resume indicating a strong commitment to renewable energy and high performance buildings
  • Experience in developing educational events
  • Experience in solar and green building
  • Strong interest in the success of the project

In addition, SMEs must be willing to:

  • Sign a Memorandum of Understanding committing to the project’s success;
  • Attend a one-day focus group meeting to assist in the review and development of training materials;
  • Prepare for the focus group meeting by reviewing materials ahead of time.

SMEs will receive a stipend of $1,750 for contributing to the project and to help offset travel costs. SMEs will also be eligible to apply for a paid position as a trainer when that opportunity becomes available, following the development of the training and resource materials. Interested architects and engineers are encouraged to apply. To learn more about eligibility or other opportunities to collaborate, contact Cosimina Panetti at

Applications must be received by Friday, June 10th. SMEs will be notified of selection by June 17.

To apply:

  1. Send references and resume to
  2. Complete the online survey here