Why is training important?

Training is critical for effective implementation of building energy codes. Code inspectors and members of the building and design communities must understand the code requirements for building systems, lighting, insulation, windows, HVAC, and other building components to ensure that new construction complies with the code. Training is the also the easiest way to stay up-to-date on the latest modifications to the residential and commercial model energy codes, as well as new building science technologies. For some background on the energy code requirements of several different building components, please visit BCAP’s Code Builder.

Training and the Recovery Act

With an influx of federal funding through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, the U.S. has experienced a dramatic increase in state-sponsored training and related resources.

Types of training

A wide range of federal, state, regional, and local organizations offer training to code inspectors and building professionals. Successful training must not only cover all aspects of the energy code, but also address challenges particular to each region, including climate zone considerations and local politics.

  • Classroom training: Code officials and building professionals cite in-person training as the most effective method for understanding code requirements. For logistical and financial reasons, these trainings usually occur in classroom settings, though on-site trainings are preferable. BCAP and its allies have run training workshops in many states across the country.
  • Field training: On-site training complements and expands upon code training in the classroom. It provides code inspectors and building professionals with hands-on experience for issues that are typically problematic, such as installation methods. This approach can also create a forum for peer-to-peer learning.

  • Web-based training: Online training can be a cost-effective strategy for reaching a large audience. The DOE, ICC, ASHRAE, and other organizations offer online courses, webinars, self-paced seminars, downloadable videos, and supporting documents on energy code requirements, REScheck and COMcheck basics, and funding opportunities.


Training Resources

BCAP Resources

This page is currently under construction. For a comprehensive list of BCAP’s training resources, please click here.