Denmark Building Codes

denmark building codes
Current Codes of Denmark The Danish Building Regulations BR10 These regulations became effective on January 1, 2011. Compliance Verification: All new buildings in Denmark are required to comply with the new regulations to meet the EPBD. Existing buildings going under major renovations must also comply with the regulations. All buildings will be issued energy certificates, which are valid for up to five years. Helpful Links Danish Energy Agency Danish Building Research I...
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Chile Current Building Codes

Current Codes Chile Residential Building Code Article 4.1.10 Article 4.1.10 of Ordenanza General de Urbanismo y Construcciones (General Ordinance of Urbanism and Construction) establishes mandatory standards for residential building envelopes with respect to energy efficiency. This is the only known required energy efficiency standard in Chile. Chile’s Ministry of Housing is responsible for the adoption of building codes. Helpful Links From Good to Great: The Next Step in Chile...
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Mexico Building Codes

mexico building codes
Current Codes of Mexico Mandatory energy efficiency standards in Mexico are known as NOM-ENER and were first published in 1995. In August 2014, a national commercial energy code based on International Code Council (ICC) methodology was developed and proposed. According to ICC, the IECC-Mexico is the first Energy Conservation Model Code outside of the US. See IPEEC’s factsheet on a summary of building code implementation in Mexico. Helpful Links Comision Nacional para el Uso ...
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